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Is Green Tea a Healthy Drink?

Green tea accompanies every meal in Japan and is widely recognised for its health benefits. It originates from the same plant as the black teas that UK tea drinkers are more familiar with. Is it any better for us than our usual brew?

The leaves picked for green tea are processed in a different way to those used in black tea. Rather than being left in the sun to dry, they are covered and quickly processed. The result is a tea with lower caffeine and high antioxidant levels.

Low Caffeine Tea

Many of us depend on the energy boost offered by an English Breakfast Tea or morning coffee. Whilst these can get your day off to a good start and boost productivity, a high caffeine intake can stress the body. 

Raising our heart rate can make us feel energised, but it also raises our blood pressure. Too much caffeine can bring on feelings of anxiety and panic. It also stays in our system for around 4 hours, meaning it can impact our ability to unwind and sleep at night.

Switching to green tea in the afternoon and evening could help with rest and relaxation. As sleep is the best way for the body to recharge, this could reduce the need for the morning caffeine fix.

High Antioxidant Green Tea

Our bodies need antioxidants to protect healthy cells from damage. A diet rich in fruit and vegetables will have high antioxidant levels and green tea is another source. These reduce the risk of disease and also boost the natural functions of the body.

Many studies evidence that drinking 4-6 cups of green tea a day can help prevent illness and aid recovery. Green tea has been credited with reducing our risk of conditions including diabetes, heart disease and dementia. 

Green tea is also rich in polyphenols which are known to reduce inflammation, boost metabolic rates and aid calorie burning. As such it is an ingredient in diet products.

“I don’t drink tea to wake up, I wake up to drink tea!”

Recommendation for those new to Green Tea

It has to be said that, on the first try, green tea can have quite a bitter taste. This may have put you off in the past, but if you are keen to benefit from the health properties, here are three recommendations.

1. Do not use boiling water to make green tea. Allow the kettle to cool for a minimum of 5 minutes as this will enhance the flavour. A minute of brewing time will give a mild flavour, or it can be intensified by being left to steep for longer.

2. Consider trying a green tea blend. As a UK green tea supplier, we have blended a delicious Moroccan Mint Tea for a refreshing, palette-cleansing drink. You could blend loose leaf green tea with other ingredients, such as Jasmin or Orange Blossom, for a flavour that appeals to your tastebuds.

3. Add half a teaspoon of honey to your green tea drink. Honey also offers many health benefits, as well as adding a sweet note that many people enjoy.

Sencha and Matcha Tea

“If a man has no tea in him, he is incapable of understanding truth and beauty” – Japanese Proverb

In Japan, drinking green tea is a way of life, celebrated through traditional tea ceremonies. Japanese Sencha and matcha teas are growing in popularity across the globe, but what are they?

Our wholesale green tea range includes Japanese Sencha. For this loose-leaf green tea, fresh leaves are picked and steamed to produce a clean, light flavour. It is served hot or cold and the same leaves are often infused more than once. Slightly hotter, but never boiling, water is added to make the second and third brew.

Matcha is a powdered form of green tea. The whole leaves are ground into a powder which is whisked into water (or milk, coconut milk or almond milk) to produce the tea. In drinking, you consume the leaves. Matcha powder is also added to food products, including cakes and cookies. So, if you want the benefits, but don’t enjoy drinking green tea, consider this powdered form.   

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Our loose-leaf tea range is available to purchase in-store, however, we also have an online shop.

In addition to our Yunnan Green Tea, Japanese Sencha Tea, Moroccan Mint Blend and Jasmine Dragon Flower (flowering tea) you will discover a variety of black, white and Oolong teas, along with accessories for making your perfect cuppa.

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