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And Then There Were Two!

A Letter from Poonam   – and then there were two!

Meet our new Recruit!

If you have not already met her,  then please join me in welcoming our first new recruit at Team Holy Cow Home!  Bells, whisltles and ching ching!… GEORGIE

Yes! at the beginning of the year I set out to take on new member and hired our first ever full time employee. Georgie has been with us on and off for over a year now and last month joined us full time.

Poonam: Tell our readers a little more about yourself Georgie

Georgie: “Hi there! Some of you may have seen me working in Holy Cow Home over the past few months, but if you haven’t here’s a little bit more about me!

My name is Georgie and I have been in Aylesbury for the last couple of years. Outside the working hours of the shop some of my favourite things to do include music, artwork and discovering new flavours of food. The combination of all three makes me a very happy girl! 

At the moment you will find me working with all the departments of the shop from the website to changing the shop layout”

Poonam: Why Holy Cow Home?

Georgie“As Holy Cow Home is an independent business that also sells one off pieces that are all fair-trade or / and recycled ( could you get a better combination?! ) I just couldn’t turn down the opportunity. 

Working within Holy Cow will help me move towards my future aspirations such as learning how to run my own business, designing a successful website, learning how to become prominent on social media and becoming adept at visual merchandising in order to maximise sales”

Here is one she made earlier…

PoonamWhat are your future plans

Georgie: “Being the newest member of the Holy Cow team I plan on closely working alongside Poonam and all her company ventures. For example, we are already planning this years Diwali event : “The Festival of Light. (You’ll need to watch this space in a future blog post to find out further information.)

Other aims include strengthening our social media presence, sourcing more fair trade and reclaimed goods which are as popular as ever and working with the local community to plan events as a result promoting Aylesbury town centre”

Message from Georgie:  Would really like you to  get in touch

“As I will now be in the shop most of the time I would love to hear from you guys! If you have anything you would like to say, don’t hesitate to leave a comment. Or if you don’t fancy leaving a comment and would rather send me an e-mail the address is ………….

P.S. I am interested in investigating and reading other people’s blogs. So if you do blog leave a comment with your name. I would love to start getting to know you!”

Hey hey it’s our birthday!

3 years since we opened the store, to celebrate we want you to own one of our lovely hand stitched vintage Kantha quilts. Our birthday special offer reduced from £95 to £65 that’s more than 30% off (10% for each year compounded). Call in to have a rummage, you have to have a rummage before the end of the month.

Fancy making your own chappattis… take a look at my chapatti making vlogs, and surprise someone  with your own versions

Making the dough for your delicious chappattis