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Holy Cow Home at MindBodySpirit London

This time last week, we were coming back home

Aah! The ‘Mind Body and Spirit’ exhibition at Kensington Olympia, where thousands of peace loving, and like-minded individuals roam around the varying display stands looking for further enlightenment. There were many exhibitor’s including a variety of tasty food and juices, various infusions and relaxation methods and….. Holy Cow (Home)! What is this? Furniture, jewellery, rugs in a beautifully presented, what could only be described as a small Aladdin’s cave!

Holy Cow Home is a quaint retail outlet in the small market town of Aylesbury, which is more famous for it’s ducks and the children’s author Roald Dahl. Actually  ‘the Duck and Holy Cow’ sounds like a name of one of his wicked nursery rhymes!  Holy Cow Home offers all sorts of gift and home items, which are unique, and ethically sourced from around the world.

There was much interest, and many people wandered in and talked to Poonam (the owner) and Nadia who works for the company and a friend Hema who just fancied joining in!

The silver plated Treaty jewellery sold like hot cakes

Rugs and bags made from plastic bottles

Our indoor outdoor recycled plastic rugs and shopping bags wowed so many as they feel so soft and come in beautiful shades and patterns…

Satchels and bags

Our soft natural tanned Goats leather satchels and bags, that are half the weight or cowhide, twice as pliable, and extremely strong and durable.

The meditation chair and hand carved screen

The most stunning items were the unique and brightly coloured patchwork chair, which everyone coveted, especially after they sunk into its deep comfortable hollow.

Reclaimed hardwood flooring

The blue reclaimed hardwood flooring was also amazing – “I could see that chair and floor in my new meditation room’ stated the customer who happily snapped up the items.

Watch the setup

The event was hard work for Poonam and her team but a successful one. If you missed the event, watch them at work. This was their first exhibition and they hope to do more of this year, so stay in touch for upcoming events where we bring the shop to you.  Alternatively we would love to welcome you in our quaint little shop.

So, can you be further enlightened by Holy Cow Home? Well, while the Cow may be sacred in one religion –  one’s Home is sacred in them all!

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