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Let’s Celebrate International Tea Week!

As we begin to emerge from a period of great uncertainty and panic, many of us will continue to struggle with our mental wellbeing as we slowly readjust to ‘normal life’.  Anxiety is to be expected as we have to return to daily duties, and we may experience many conflicts internally. What these months of self-isolation have taught us is that as a global community we must all take some time to step back and reflect on where our true priorities lie. What really matters to us?

Nothing beats a good ol’ cuppa tea

Tea has been scientifically proven to alter human brain chemistry by reducing levels of cortisol – the stress hormone –  and increasing levels of dopamine and serotonin – the ‘feel-good’ hormones. It also works to nourish the body with its high level of antioxidants to improve our physical and mental health.

Here at Holy Cow Home, we are launching a brand new range of  premium loose leaf teas: with an array of  not only straight teas but our very own bespoke blends. Each month we will be celebrating a different variety, highlighting its individual taste, aroma and benefits. You can browse all of our teas here.

Did you know?

Every type of tea comes from one plant: the Camellia Sinensis. The many varieties, namely white, yellow, green, oolong, pu-erh and black, are determined by the processing after the leaf has been picked . All blends that do not contain leaves of the Camellia Sinensis are herbal infusions aka tisanes – not tea at all!

Why loose-leaf?

By indulging in our loose-leaf tea or herbal infusions, you will elevate your tea drinking experience. This cannot be replicated by tea bags as they mainly contain the dust and fanning of the broken tea leaves, which have lost most of their essential oils and aroma. Teabags, while convenient, often contain plastic sealants – not healthy for you or the earth!

Across the world, the history of tea is an extensive and fascinating one, tied in with numerous cultures, religions and spiritualities. For centuries, Buddhist monks have used the beverage as an aid to meditation, and many Eastern and Indigenous traditions praise green tea for its medicinal purposes. We will explore this further in future blogs bringing you lots of exciting content  all to do with the world of tea. Each month, we will focus on one aspect of tea history; provide a study into the specific country of origin, and publish a fascinating account of a different tea ceremonies across the globe. 

Although tea is a beverage *steeped* in history, all of our Holy Cow Tea blends are also exquisitely modern. Sustainability is the heart of Holy Cow Home, and we have continued this strong ethos into our new endeavour. We are meticulous with our sourcing, and all of our packaging is fully home compostable. Each tea is hand-packaged with love and earth-friendly materials, so please do have a look today!

We are also very busy obtaining some beautiful tea accessories which will be  on our website very soon. We are already stock some stunning teapots, which you can view here.

We hope you are as excited as us by our new venture, and join us on the journey into the world of the tea and all its history.

“There are few hours in life more agreeable than the hour dedicated to the ceremony known as afternoon tea.”
                   Henry James