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Matters of the Heart – When I Got Married

Dear Friend of Holy Cow Home

I celebrated 25 years of marriage last year.  It was a traditional Hindu wedding curtailed from the standard 12hour  ceremony to a standard westernised 1 hour event.  It retained the circling of the sacred fire seven times, while both bride and groom make seven promises to each other in the presence of fire, water, earth, air,  planets of the universe and invited guests.

The thing I did not know then was that before the ceremony the bride is seated to the right of the groom, at the the end she switches to the left of the groom.  Why?   –  the priest explained to my husband Avi.  You must treasure her like your heart, as that is where she will reside from now on. The switching of seats symbolises the Bride moving into the heart of the Groom.

Image of my good friend daughters wedding, during and post wedding ceremony,

Vinny wedding ceremonyVinny post wedding Valentine blog



I can hear the cynics amongst you asking if this means that the Groom does not reside in the Brides heart! A good point to which I do not know the answer – comments please!

We all appreciate that our lives are getting busier and busier and passing us by faster and faster, but, it means so much when  he  still  takes my hand and walk me on his left, as a  gestural reminder that I’m always as treasured as his beating heart.

Days such as valentines are there to make us stop, and make time, for  those we love, not only with gestures but with the wonderful gifts available from Holy Cow Home!


Thanks to my friend Nishi and Paresh Patel for sharing the lovely photos of the wedding of their stunning daughter Vinny to Amar in the summer of 2017 x