Banjara Hand Embroidered Large Clutch

Banjara Hand Embroidered Large Clutch


This stunning clutch is crafted from original Rajasthani embroideries.

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This is pure and true, hand-tailored haute couture. A little black dress and some statement jewellery are the only accessories required as this little large clutch bag will outshine any outfit. Sparkle at Christmas, shine at a special occasion or just feel special on a night out. This is an original and unique bag because of the hand-made quality and recycled traditional embroideries. No bag is the same and no mass production is involved. This small manufacturer employs ten men and women and sub contracts also. Workers benefit from statutory wage, free lunch and medical aid. In the local community they provide stationery and free text books, and they have their own ashram, Shanti Bhawan, that provides free food for the poor. Traditional techniques are used such as natural vegetable dying and hand and machine embroidery. This embroidered clutch is made piecing together old tribal fabrics. They are proud as a company that they have hard working, efficient and an honest group of people working for them. In the future they would love to grow with their suppliers and buyers. Lined and zipped with enough room for all the essentials ingredients for a night on the tiles or an intimate dinner for two. Either way feel good, embrace the philosophy swaddled in this little bag, and shine.

Why we love this product!

Completely unique – no bag is the same.
Uses beautiful recycled materials

Approximately: W:30 D:5 H:25cm



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