Etched Brass Pot


Etched Brass Pot

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Fat-bellied brass pot with a subtly etched and deliberately weathered design

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A gorgeous little fat-bellied brass pot with a subtly etched and deliberately weathered
design. The fact that it looks relatively innocuous on first sight illustrates genius and
craftmanship. This metalworking business has been in the same family for generations in
Delhi, India. The owner has been awarded a Shilp Guru award for his contribution to the rich
and diverse craft heritage of the country and the resurgence of handicrafts as a whole.
Every product is made by hand. Brass or aluminium sheets are cut to size and shaped with
hammers. Joints are welded and then the lantern is covered with lac, a natural resinous
substance used in the manufacture of varnishes, sealing wax, etc. Iron tools and hammers
are used to carve the design and when the lac is removed, the item buffed to a brilliant
shine. A great gift for a arty friend for keeping paintbrushes or knitting needles safe or for
storing incense in.
Why we love this product!

Lovely shape
A truly artisan product
Complicatedly simple!

Diameter: 25 H:30.5cm