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Bella Golden Grass Hoop Earrings


Bella Golden Grass Hoop Earrings


Not your average golden hoop earrings!

Combining the popular hoop style with a sustainable material such as golden grass will forever make you stand out from the crowd.

Hoop Size : 3 cm

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Golden Grass is a sustainable material that is taking the world by storm!

Only found in the Jalapão region of the Tocantis state in northern Brazil, golden grass ( Syngonanthus Nitens ) is a plant with a long gilded golden stem and is known for its natural bright colour.

State laws have been created so it is illegal to market the grass before it has been made into craft and can only be harvested after September 20th. This assures the sustainability of the handicraft work and the lives of the indigenous people throughout the region.

The technique behind the making is derived by the Indians and the first black slaves who had fled to the Quilombo and using spines like needles they weaved and sewed the grass into shape.

The result is striking pieces of jewellery which are eco-friendly, sustainable and do not contain any dyes or chemicals.

Be sure not to get the product wet as it will start to fray. ( It is grass after all! )

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