Hand Painted Buckets


Hand Painted Buckets


Our metal buckets  are  from Rajasthan, a state in western India, is hand crafted with metal and adorned with intricately painted floral designs

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Our metal buckets are from Rajasthan, a state in western India. They are hand-crafted with metal and adorned with intricately painted floral designs. This form of metal craft is more than 400 years old and received royal patronage in ancient India.

They are made from metal sheets that are cut, soldered and beaten with a “mogri” (wooden hammer in Sanskrit) to give it the desired shape.  The vibrant red, yellow and green colours used indicate the liveliness in the culture of Rajasthan.

Patachitra is a traditional style of painting practised by artisans in Odisha, a Southeastern state of India. The word Patachitra is derived from the Sanskrit word “Pata”, meaning canvas and “Chitra” meaning painting or picture. The art of Patachitra paintings is more than a thousand years old. These are also done on buckets and more recently on recycled bottles.

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Portrait 36 x 29cm, Landscape 29 x 36cm