Reclaimed Lakree Flooring

Reclaimed Lakree Flooring


Beautiful and fully sustainable Lakree flooring.

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Beautiful and fully sustainable reclaimed Lakree flooring.
The floor tiles are made of strips of reclaimed Lakree (wood) from redundant buildings in India, mounted onto tough canvas backing, enabling the tiles to be laid more easily and simple to remove. Four floor tiles make one square metre.

Because the tiles are made from old, seasoned wood, when laid they will not suffer swelling or shrinkage. Each tile made from recycled wood is unique and no tree or forest has been destroyed to produce it.

The flooring is made by a family firm in Jodphur, Rajasthan, in a desert area where the local economy is supported by the manufacture of wooden handicrafts as farming is difficult.  Three years’ ago, because of forest erosion, our suppliers decided to stop working with new wood altogether and concentrate on reclaiming surplus wood available from the scores of redundant buildings in the area, recycling it into goods fit for local and western markets.

The tiles blend in with different interior styles well. An added benefit is that when you move house, if you wish, you can pick up your floor and take it with you.

Size 1 square metre (4 Tiles): Length- 100 cm Width- 100 cm Height- 1.7 cm

Packed weight 1 square metre (4 tiles): 13 Kg