Multicoloured Tiger Eye

Multicoloured Tiger Eye


The Solar Balancer

Yellow Tiger’s Eye offers gentle Solar energy of balancing the mind through will power. It is also a protection stone, great for ridding yourself of fear and anxiety as you begin to remove old conditioning patterns.

Furthermore, it stimulates the Kundalini* energy but grounds the force to the Earth, focusing on both the root and solar.


Spiritual Advice

When carrying this stone be sure to keep it close to the lower chakras or around the aura, such as in your pocket.

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Each Yellow Tiger Eye Stone will vary slightly in size, shape, colour and pattern.

If you are wanting to buy a collection of stones you can add one of our material bags in your choice of colour to keep them safe and sound.



*(Kundalini comes from a Sandskrit word ‘Kundal’, which means ‘coiled up’. It is the energy that nourishes the tree of life within us and is the primordial female energy that lives at the base of the spine, inside the triangular bone known as the Sacrum.)


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