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Proud Stockists of Reclaimed & Recycled Goods

Did you know that Holy Cow Home stocks a wide array of handmade, reclaimed and recycled goods? 

According to KPMG research, 67% of British shoppers are concerned about the environmental impact of their purchases. These consumers wanted manufacturers and retailers to take more responsibility for embedding sustainability across every aspect of the business. 

At Holy Cow Home, we wholeheartedly agree. Ethical principles are the foundations on which our boutique shop have been built. We personally love the unique character that is achieved when items are restored, upcycled or renovated. The fact that this approach helps to prevent waste and unnecessary use of raw materials is a real bonus!

Step Inside to see our Reclaimed Flooring

Visit Holy Cow! in Cambridge Street, Aylesbury and you can see the added character that we have achieved through fitting reclaimed flooring in our shop. In addition to being hard wearing, the wooden panels have a history of their own. You can imagine all manner of tales from lands afar being imprinted on the grain.

The reclaimed wood flooring is constructed from various sources of timber, offering subtle changes in tone and colour. Natural light and general wear alter the look over time, adding to the unique feel.

The great news is that you can purchase this reclaimed wooden flooring for your home interior. It would work wonderfully in a hallway, boot room or garden studio.

Renovated Indian Furniture

Hand-carved and painted wooden furniture is popular across India. These ornate items are quite different from western designs. If you are looking for a unique focal point for your room, or your interior design is inspired by Indian patterns, colours or style, we may have the ideal solution.

Each item of reclaimed furniture has been cleaned and carefully renovated. The aim has been to retain the innate character of the piece, whilst ensuring it is fully functional. You can see a selection of cabinets, bookshelves, seating and tables on the furniture page of our website, but nothing beats popping in to see, feel and try out the items first hand!

Get Cosy in Soft Woven Blankets

One of the big talking points in our boutique is our blankets. In a range of tasteful colours, you can find the perfect shade to compliment your interior design. Wrap up in one of these blankets as you watch the sunset on a warm summers evening, or snuggle up and get cosy on a cold winter’s day.

What makes these blankets unusual is that they are made from recycled plastic bottles. It is hard to believe that something so soft to the touch is made from plastic, but it is!

We all know that plastic waste is a huge environmental threat, so any way to reuse, rather than dispose of, this material is fantastic. In addition to the blankets, we stock a range of recycled rugs. They may be made from plastic, but they feel just like wool and can be used indoors and outdoors.

Sustainable Interior Design in Aylesbury

If you are an environmentally-conscious shopper, Holy Cow Home makes it easy to find the perfect items for your home, along with reclaimed and recycled gifts for friends. We invite you to come in and discover our range distinctive of beautiful and ethically sourced furniture and accessories.