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Ready for a Celebration?

Anyone who knows me is well aware that I love bringing people together. Well, the biggest event on the Hindu calendar is Diwali and it’s happening this month! This important festival centres around getting together with friends and family for a joyous celebration. That is why I’ve been organising a community Festival of Lights in Aylesbury for years and 2023 is no exception!

Will you join the trustees and me, along with a host of VIPs, performers, sponsors, volunteers and members of our community for an uplifting afternoon? I can promise that our event will fill you and your family with warmth and positivity. What better way to spend a Sunday afternoon?

Here are the details:

  • Sunday 19 November
  • Midday to 4pm at Discover Bucks Museum
  • 4.30pm – Light parade from the museum to the Market Square
  • 5pm – Finale Show in the Market Square

Watching the lantern parade as it moves through Old Aylesbury and the finale show is free. There is a nominal charge of £2.50 (under 4s free) for the afternoon events at the museum.

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What Can You Expect at Aylesbury’s Festival of Lights?

Aylesbury Festival of Lights kicks off at midday on Sunday 19 November in the Discover Bucks Museum. Arsha Dipa will lead the opening prayer in the walled gardens. This will be followed by a programme of energetic dance and rhythmic music. Watch the performers or join in with the moves!

The event will also feature henna painting, yoga rave, chanting, rangoli art and tea tasting. Popular activities of sending a message/prayer and tealight to the water, discover more about Indian culture and tuck into delicious street food including my Holy Cow Chai. In short, we’ll be bringing a flavour of India to Buckinghamshire. Let’s banish darkness with light.

At 4.30pm, our lantern parade will leave the museum en route to the Market Square. Come and line the streets to cheer on this beautiful sight. Then, gather in the town centre for our finale act; a fire show!

Sanatana Dharma & The Heart of Hinduism

I was brought up in the UK by Indian parents and I have been driven to keep our cultural history alive. I am keen to enlighten others by engaging with people of all ages and backgrounds. That is the beauty of this family-friendly celebration.

I’ve recently been fortunate to learn more about Sanatana Dharma, also known as the ‘eternal way’ which underpins our beliefs. This time of personal reflection highlighted the importance of living life with unity and inter-religious understanding, which is led by truth and heart. You do not need to be Hindu, Jain, Sikh or Buddhist to join our festival; everyone is welcome. Come along and unite as a community, learn about and enjoy our religious celebration, and lift your heart.

Holy Cow Community

Holy Cow Community is a charity with a focus on cultural heritage, community collaboration and forging positive connections. It is with thanks to our trustees, sponsors, volunteers and donations that an event like this is possible.

We are grateful for the funding and support received from the William Harding Trust, Rothschild Foundation, The Anson Charitable Trust, Oxford Business College, Discover Bucks MuseumBrit Ponds, Photo Hello and Holy Cow Home.

Our thanks also go out to our team of volunteers who are giving their time to support the smooth running of the event.

We are delighted to announce that our VIP guests include Countess Howe, the Lord-Lieutenant of Buckinghamshire, George and Kirsty Anson and Aylesbury Mayor, Cllr Steven Lambert.

Holy Cow Home will be serving and selling tea at the Festival of Lights. We’ll keep the November chills at bay with our premium blends of spiced chai. All Holy Cow tea profits from the event will be donated to the charity, to contribute to next year’s celebration.

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