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Reclaimed Wood and What You Ought To Know

You may have heard the terms reclaimed, recycled or upcycled furniture, but what does it mean?  For anyone who feels stumped we’re here to explain it all.

What’s the difference?

It’s a question that we get asked from time to time. The terms are closely related to one another, so much so that people often use one of the terms to describe another.

Whilst recycling involves taking waste products and transforming the materials into something else, reclamation relates more to the action of being able to take the waste material in the first place. Reclaimed wood comes from almost any source except a newly felled tree. The timber predominantly comes from old or disused buildings – flooring, joists or support beams.

Upcycling refers to reworking or reconstructing the recycled product in a number of ways, but the overall material stays the same. The result is often better quality than when you started.


The Eco-Edge

There are a plethora of benefits by using reclaimed or recycled woods as they become more readily available.

It could be a big win for the environment for several reasons:

  • Saves energy
  • Reduces timber harvesting (Deforestation)
  • Eliminates waste
  • Reduces fuel consupmtion
  • Benefits natural wildlife growth

Reclaimed wood or upcycled furniture will also bring a new character to any home. Each piece has its own story to tell with its embedded history and doesn’t conform to the “perfect design”.

Lastly, durability is key. As the wood has already been weathered and dried little maintenance is needed (perhaps a paint, stain or lubrication) as it will not shrink or bend.

We have become too complacent with one use products including plastics, cotton and metal. Our one and only planet has given us so much and it’s time to give something back. By supporting this level of reuse is to put into motion an awareness that can surpass just reclaimed wood and open up the possibility for reclaiming other materials.

Why not look for reclaimed wood opportunities for your next furniture and home decor purchases?