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We are UK Wholesale Loose Leaf Tea Suppliers

We are UK Wholesale Loose Leaf Tea Suppliers

Tetley and PG Tips might be the top supermarket tea brands, but what if your hotel, restaurant or shop is looking for premium quality loose leaf tea?
Holy Cow Tea was fortunate to have a stall at the Waddesdon Manor Christmas Market for the final week.

The chilly weather made the prospect of tea drinking all the more tempting and we enjoyed conversations with people from around the country. Whilst most shoppers were looking for festive gifts or a treat for their indulgence, we did have a few enquiries about supplying wholesale loose leaf tea.

Specialist Tea for Cafes and Restaurants

Offering tea sales wholesale is a relatively new aspect of our business. Our first wholesale customer was Pedal Cycles Café in Ferndown, Dorset. They wanted to offer a premium tea selection to their customers. They selected our blended English Breakfast and Earl Grey black teas, Moroccan Mint green tea and caffeine-free Strawberry Red Bush. With a commitment to personal service, we are more than a tea supplier. We visited the Pedal Cycles Café to provide a tea preparation training session for their staff.

Using the right quantity of loose-leaf tea per cup and infusing it correctly makes all the difference to the flavours and aromas.  We also provided Point of Sale information cards, so customers can discover more about the tea blends and ingredients. Feedback from the café owners suggests that their customers are interested in something a little different.

Our Moroccan Mint loose leaf tea is the best seller. This tea blend includes Chinese Pinhead Gunpowder Green Tea, Peppermint, Red Peppercorns & Sunflower Petals to give a refreshing flavour and uplifting aroma. Moroccan Mint tea is a great choice for those who want to gain the health benefits of green tea; the punchy peppermint is a palette-pleaser. If your café, restaurant or hotel is keen to serve premium teas, our selection has something for all tastes. From traditional black teas to white, oolong and even purple tea, we can elevate your hot drinks menu.

Taking things a step further, Holy Cow Tea has collaborated with a mixologist to create a range of cocktails with a tea twist. Does that capture your interest?

Retailing Bespoke Tea

We are also keen to support a deli, farm shop or independent retailer that is keen to sell, rather than serve Holy Cow Tea and fruit tisanes. We will share the provenance of your chosen blends and our blog articles provide information to expand your knowledge; including the history and cultural traditions associated with specialist teas.

Along with the tea, we can supply 100% recycled and biodegradable packaging and Tea information cards. We can also support you to host tea tasting events. These are a great way to encourage customers to try something new and can help them to select their preference.

About Holy Cow Tea

Holy Cow Tea is a small-scale enterprise led by Tea Champion, Poonam Gupta. With a passion for authentic, quality tea, Poonam has spent years researching the industry, connecting with suppliers and merchants from across the globe. Based in Buckinghamshire and retailing tea from Holy Cow Home, a boutique shop in Aylesbury, Holy Cow wholesale teas can be supplied to businesses across the UK. We are conscious of our impact on the environment and people and take interest in our supply chain. We use orthodox, rather than CTC teas, as these use traditional methods, rather than machines, to pick and process the tea leaves. This offers our customers premium quality loose leaf tea and supports the livelihoods of tea pickers across India, China, Sri Lanka, Japan and Kenya.

All other ingredients are also sourced from trusted suppliers.  Poonam’s favourite tea is Spiced Masala Chai made the traditional way; infusing the tea in milk as it heats in the pan and adding sugar to enrich the spices. Which of our bespoke tea blends takes your fancy?

We are UK wholesale loose leaf tea suppliers and if you have questions about serving or selling Holy Cow Tea, please get in touch on 01296 485158.