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We Sell Award Winning Tea!

Holy Cow Home is delighted to announce that our Chic Lady Grey loose leaf tea has won a Great
Taste Award! We can now sell this product with the distinctive black and gold Taste Award 2022
sticker, a widely recognised endorsement.

What are the Taste Awards?
The Taste Awards are a UK evaluation of commercially available food and drink products. Each entry
is judged blind, by a panel made up of chefs, food critics, retailers, buyers and related experts. The
panel don’t see the packaging or branding, so the judgements are solely about the taste.
When the Taste Awards were initially launched in 1994, there were less than 100 entries. This year,
our Chic Lady Grey was one of 14,205 entries. Around a quarter of the products were awarded a one
star for a ‘simply delicious’ flavour and we are so proud to have been recognised in this category.
There are two further categories; two stars are awarded to around 10% of the food and drink
products, which are considered ‘outstanding’. A further 2% receive the highly coveted three stars for
exquisite goods.

What Does Winning a Taste Award Mean?
Every company welcomes official endorsement and we see this as a huge achievement. The Taste
Awards are widely viewed as a food and drink accreditation scheme. They symbolise quality
products and give commercial buyers and customers reassurance that they are purchasing great-
tasting foods and drinks.

We already sell our teas to several cafes, restaurants and stockists, but this is an area of the business
that we are keen to grow. We hope this award will help build interest in our Chic Lady Grey and
other bespoke tea blends.

Other Buckinghamshire companies to be recognised in the Taste Awards include Honey Tradition Ltd
for three honey varieties and a honey, pollen and spice-infused dark chocolate. Also, Ghee Appétit
Ltd for a Ghee product. Well done to all the award winners!

What is Lady Grey
Lady Grey was named after Mary Elizabeth Grey, wife of British Prime Minister Charles Grey. She
mixed black tea with bergamot to create a light and refreshing afternoon drink when entertaining
prominent guests. This citrus twist became associated with the upper classes and the luxurious
delights of afternoon tea.
Our Chic Lady Grey premium blend is a twist on the original. It combines 90% Ceylon Black Tea,
grade BOP1 (Broken Orange Pekoe 1) with orange peel, lime leaves, blue cornflowers and
natural bergamot flavouring.

What Did the Judges Say About Our Tea?
In addition to the one-star award, we received the following feedback from the judging panel:
“The high grown character of the tea base comes through attractively. Bergamot character is
evident, as is some bitter (rather than sweet) orange. The infusion is fresh, lively and crisp with high
citrus notes. Astringency is marked, but the balance of flavours in the tea works well.”

What is Bergamot?

Bergamot is a key ingredient in Lady Grey tea, yet it isn’t a fruit that many of us are familiar with, so
what is it?
Bergamot is a citrus fruit, which is described as a cross between a lemon and bitter orange. Grown in
Italy and surrounding Mediterranean regions, it has a green or yellow rind and is about the size of an
orange. Rather than being sold as whole fruit, it is usually cold pressed to extract the essential oil to
add flavour or scent to food, drink, perfumes and oils. Its aroma has a calming and mood-lifting
effect on the body; perfect for a mid-afternoon boost!
Adding orange peel and lime leaves to our blend adds further depth to the refreshing citrus tones.
Cornflower petals may seem purely decorative, however, we included them for reasons beyond their
glorious colour. They have a clove-like flavour and are naturally rich in vitamins and antioxidants.
Combined with premium Ceylon Tea from Sri Lanka, it makes a delicious drink.

The Perfect Afternoon Tea
Some customers even opt to use our Lady Grey tea in baking. Apparently, it can enhance the taste of
shortbread, macarons and cakes. That is a taste test that I’d love to be on the judging panel for!

Which of our blends is your perfect afternoon tea?